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There is a story behind every family

What did your ancestors do?

It can be daunting starting this journey and seeking help from a researcher.

FREE EVALUATION (Up to one hours labour)

We make an assessment of the information that you have and, where possible, a proposed plan of action and an estimate of costs.

The evaluation will enable you to see how we may be able to help you.

For minor tasks such as obtaining a certificate or copy of an entry in a parish register this can be done to fit in with your requirements

Please rest assured of complete confidentiality regarding information supplied or found during our research.


Silver Package

Our most popular package tracing both parent's lines to mid 1880's.

This package normally gives minimum details of three couples and provides details of a further generation of your tree.


Gold Package

Both parents ancestors as far as possible including Parish records.

Both lines researched from your source person in the early 1900s, back to your 8 Great Grandparents. This package normally gives details of seven couples and provides details of a further generation of your tree.


Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates

Additional copies from General Records Office and Parish Registers.

£12.00 per copy.

Hourly rate

Standard Hourly Rate

Expenses Charged at actual cost.

£22.00 per hour


Silver Package

Detailed reports of descendant lines and ancestors produced. Including associated documents/images and source references.


A major difference in our packages when compared to leading offerings from other suppliers is that we will will routinely include ancestor's siblings (brothers and sisters) in your family tree.


All presented in a 'delux' binder to which you can add your own material.

This package consists of the research of a two name family line back to at least circa 1837 for ancestors who primarily lived in England or Wales. We aim to commence the research with either one of your parents or one of your grandparents. Typically this research will cover between 3 to 5 generations of your family based in the 20th and 19th centuries.We will research the line you have selected, hopefully to around 1837, which is when civil registration began.

You will receive the following in a smart, hardback, presentation binder:-

Gold Package

As per Silver package but with further research for the family line to circa 1700.


Hourly rate.

£22.00 per hour


Expenses include the following.

Family Website

Dedicated website for your registered domain i.e. thomas_family.co.uk

Fully updateable by you to add more relative, images and information

One off charge for setting up and hosting . - Does require biannual domain registration renewal charge

Initial setup £160.00 (Includes software licence and hosting for 10 years

.co.uk Domain registration currently £15.00 per annum